This blog mostly talks about my time hacking on Eclipse and miscellaneous other free and open source projects. You may also see DIY projects detailed here from time to time.

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Project Lockdown Aviary Build

13 minute read

The country is in lockdown, I’m on PTO, my vacation was cancelled and I can’t leave the house. However, the weather is glorious, I can be in the garden, the ...

Using the remote OSGi console with Equinox

5 minute read

You may be familiar with the OSGi shell you get when you pass the -console option to Equinox on the command line. Did you know you can also use this console ...

Eclipse and Handling Content Types on Linux

4 minute read

One of the ways we achieve nice desktop integration on Linux by packaging Eclipse in RPMs or as a Flatpak application is by providing a desktop entry file (u...

Eclipse Now Available From Flathub

2 minute read

Good news! Eclipse is now available from Flathub, the central application repository for Flatpak applications.

Simple Hammer Repair

3 minute read

You may recall from my previous post about broken tools that I broke my favourite hammer by using the claw to break down what turned out to be some really st...

Don’t Know My Own Strength

3 minute read

I like to subscribe to Adam Savage’s philosophy on buying tools, which goes something along the lines of, “buy cheap tools until you know know what you reall...

Benefits of Linux Distro Packaging

2 minute read

Recently, I have been adding a lot of patches to the version of Eclipse (Mars.1) that is packaged in Fedora Linux. This post attempts to explain why.