Posts from 2020

Project Lockdown Aviary Build

13 minute read

The country is in lockdown, I’m on PTO, my vacation was cancelled and I can’t leave the house. However, the weather is glorious, I can be in the garden, the ...

Using the remote OSGi console with Equinox

5 minute read

You may be familiar with the OSGi shell you get when you pass the -console option to Equinox on the command line. Did you know you can also use this console ...

Eclipse and Handling Content Types on Linux

4 minute read

One of the ways we achieve nice desktop integration on Linux by packaging Eclipse in RPMs or as a Flatpak application is by providing a desktop entry file (u...

Eclipse Now Available From Flathub

2 minute read

Good news! Eclipse is now available from Flathub, the central application repository for Flatpak applications.